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Lifeboat Simulator

Maersk Training First to Offer Enhanced Lifeboat Coxswain Training in Denmark, using Freefall Lifeboat Simulator

Virtual Marine’s lifeboat simulators are globally certified by Det Norske Veritas (DNV) and are recognized by the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) STCW and MODU Codes. Customized to actual lifeboats, the simulators range from part-task to full mission with motion platforms, and covers simulated davit launch and freefall/skid lifeboats. The systems offer training management, with curriculum scenarios covering time of day, sea states, varied weather, and emergencies; and the simulators can be either autonomous or instructor-based. A desktop version is now available, and is ideal for repetitive learning and skill development

Fast Response Craft Simulator

Custom Designed Simulator

Customized to boat helm and navigation controls, with units delivered to Canada’s coastal regions. A realistic medium to execute safe and repeatable training of a fast and potentially dangerous craft, simulation scenarios incorporate time of day, weather conditions, and offer graduated levels of complexity across search and rescue (SAR), security and interdiction missions. It addresses the challenge of training in low visibility, at night, and in high sea states. A desktop version is now available with a virtual reality headset, which provides 360o field of view.

Embedded Navigation Simulator


A proven supplier to major Naval/Coast Guard programs (Canada, U.K. & Germany), like with the Type 26 U.K. frigates. This simulator is being used by prime defence contractors, like BAE, Thales, Atlas Elektronik, LMC & Raytheon Anschütz, for integration into land-based training facilities; and it can be used for shipboard training. It stimulates multiple bridge displays using NMEA sentences over serial or Ethernet, through either analog or digital signals. Its scenario builder includes GPS, speed log, echo sounder, other shipboard sensors, and targets; it also allows multiple Radar simulations to run in a single environment.

Ice Management Simulator


Created to test emergency evacuations from offshore platforms in ice infested waters, it models ice floes and hull-ice and propeller wash-ice interactions, while allowing for multiple vessels to interact in a virtual environment. Available for ice operations training, it is being used by the Canadian Coast Guard to deliver Polar Code training and to assess ice management competency. A desktop version is now available, ideal for Polar Code training.

Desktop Simulators


Virtual Marine’s Desktop Simulator is a portable, modular simulator with the ability to build into a full mission simulator with incremental upgrades. It enables users to have more time behind the wheel of a lifeboat, FRC to further developing the skills needed.

Simulator Accessories

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What our customers are saying:

RESQ (Norway)

Client decided to have all coxswains complete the simulator based training. Feedback from training delegates has been very positive. Course ratings of 5.8/6.0 have been consistently received. This compares to a typical course of 5.0/6.0 prior to the introduction of simulation based training.


Prosafe (North Sea, UK)

Simulator training is more realistic than conventional training as it exposes coxswains to emergency evacuation scenarios. The lifeboat simulator allows the crew to develop “muscle memory” and to be more likely to perform well in an emergency situation.

- Capt. Mike Jubb, OIM, Prosafe

SSTL (Nova Scotia, Canada)

The availability of lifeboat simulator technology allows SSTL to offer training options previously considered impractical or unsafe in conventional training.

- Dan Latremouille, Operations Manager, SSTL
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