Missed quarterly drills, far-too-frequent accidents, and costly refresher training. Just a few of the reasons why lifeboat simulators are becoming a global standard for the delivery of survival craft training in the oil and gas industry.

Lifeboat simulators are built to include original operating controls from lifeboat manufacturers, virtual models of specific production facilities or drilling rigs, evacuations in emergency situations such as fire, collisions, and loss of stability, and weather and sea conditions not possible in conventional training situations. The systems are customized so your coxswains learn to use your lifeboats while launching from your offshore facility, based on your emergency evacuation plans – all within our hardware and software.

Lifeboat simulation training enhances competency by exposing coxswains to more launches, in conditions that could never be possible using a lifeboat in a harbour or pool. Coxswains gain the confidence needed to operate under stressful conditions, conditions they will face while evacuating in a real emergency. And they learn without the risks associated with conventional training. In most cases, your investment in lifeboat simulation training pays for itself in time frames much shorter than typical investments in the oil and gas industry.

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Many regulators and approval bodies have recognized that training done using a lifeboat simulator is at least equivalent to that accomplished by launching a lifeboat into the harbour, with the additional benefit of being able to practice under rough sea conditions. As a consequence, training providers have been authorized to substitute simulation training for launch and maneuvering training using an actual lifeboat and davit system. The simulators used in the training programs must conform to the highest international standards and must be extensively tested prior to being used in training programs.

Lifeboat simulation training is fully compliant with most international standards for survival craft training including STCW, the MODU Code, flag and coastal state requirements and offshore regulations in many oil and gas regions. For information on your region specifically, please contact us.

Georgian College Owen Sound campus

Great Lakes International Maritime Training and Research Centre (Georgian College), Ontario, Canada

Really pleased with the simulator. Easy to use and I think, a better learning experience than going down to the dock.

-Keith Filby, Georgian College