Our Purpose

Events like the Ocean Ranger disaster have taught us the importance of being vigilant in preparing for emergencies offshore. Incidents rarely happen, but when they do, a well prepared crew can make all of the difference. The Ocean Ranger incident is still fresh in our memories, and reminds us of the urgent need to continually improve maritime safety. With human factors playing such a key role in maritime safety, we have concentrated our efforts on creating advanced training systems which are used to increase crew performance and competence.

Our Reason

We have all heard the saying ‘Practice makes Perfect’. Unfortunately, there are some tasks which are too dangerous to practice in a realistic way using operational lifeboat equipment. We believe that enabling crew members to prepare for emergencies using simulators allows them to practice and develop skills they could not otherwise obtain from traditional training methods.

Our Commitment

When you ask our team what they love about working at Virtual Marine, they say the people they work with everyday, and what we can achieve together. Our team members have many specialized skills, which allows us to support customers from the first conversation we have, to everyday use of their finished simulator. Our team has developed personal bonds with our customers, full of trust and understanding.