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September 3 to September 6, 2019
Location: Aberdeen, Scotland
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What our customers are saying:

RESQ (Norway)

Client decided to have all coxswains complete the simulator based training. Feedback from training delegates has been very positive. Course ratings of 5.8/6.0 have been consistently received. This compares to a typical course of 5.0/6.0 prior to the introduction of simulation based training.


Prosafe (North Sea, UK)

Simulator training is more realistic than conventional training as it exposes coxswains to emergency evacuation scenarios. The lifeboat simulator allows the crew to develop “muscle memory” and to be more likely to perform well in an emergency situation.

- Capt. Mike Jubb, OIM, Prosafe

SSTL (Nova Scotia, Canada)

The availability of lifeboat simulator technology allows SSTL to offer training options previously considered impractical or unsafe in conventional training.

- Dan Latremouille, Operations Manager, SSTL
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