Virtual Marine’s Embedded Bridge Simulator is a ship and navigation equipment simulator – used for simulation and stimulation. The unique scenario builder software uses Virtual Marine Quest Architecture to construct and run simulation scenarios. The Embedded Bridge Simulator can be embedded in OEM consoles, as it stimulates OEM software with navigation data and RADAR software with RADAR signals from simulated scenarios. Navigation data includes standard NMEA0183 and AIS. Proprietary messages RADAR imagery in these scenarios includes targets/contacts, coastline for pre-defined areas, sea clutter, rain clutter, and other noise.

Virtual Marine uses dynamic physics-driven 6DOF math models for the own ship as well as all targets/contacts. The own ship’s virtual rudder and engine can be controlled by analog interface with OEM equipment, such as handwheel, telegraph, etc. Equipment faults in all virtual sensors and RADARs can be simulated. Multiple UDP unicast, broadcast, or multicast channels can be used. The Embedded Bridge Simulator supports up to 8 serial channels (RS232, RS422, RS485) per simulation computer.

For integration and testing support, Virtual Marine’s Embedded Bridge simulator supports OEM equipment integration with new or existing consoles/systems. It improves coverage of equipment tests prior to deployment on ships and tests failure modes by injecting simulated equipment faults. For training purposes, it prepares personnel to use new equipment or systems without risk. It also provides opportunities to learn buttonology using OEM equipment with simulated data feeds. Overall, personnel will improve readiness using realistic simulation exercises.

The benefits of using a Virtual Marine Embedded Bridge Simulator for integration and testing include reducing shipboard integration, testing, and troubleshooting, while investigating customer issues using land-based equipment with representative navigation and RADAR data. When it comes to training, the simulator can build experience with OEM equipment before encountering dangerous situations in real life. It can also improve and maintain personnel confidence, competence, and readiness using simulation exercises.


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