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Over the past thirteen years, Virtual Marine has become a respected player in the defence industry. Through years of work studying vessel performance in waves and then developing other simulators for maritime safety, Virtual Marine’s expertise in vessel components and simulation technology speaks for itself. This reputation for accuracy and attention to detail is the foundation of Virtual Marine’s relationship with four of the top ten global defence contractors. We have developed trusted bonds with these companies, and have become proven partners through our involvement in their projects.

Virtual Marine offers powerful custom-designed simulation capabilities to support defence and coast guard markets. Of note, Virtual Marine’s embedded radar simulator has supported several frigate programs for integration/testing and it is ready for shipboard use. On the training front, Virtual Marine also develops customized simulators using vessel-specific equipment for Lifeboats and Fast Rescue Boats (FRB).

The Scenario Builder software for constructing and running simulation scenarios uses Virtual Marine’s Quest Architecture and has seen over 2000 incremental changes over the past 13 years. The refined range of available capabilities within the simulation scenario software, including radar and ice management features, facilitates the testing of operator proficiency in a realistic manner, while delivering safe and repeatable training to quicken competency development. ISO registered, Virtual Marine simulators are DNV-GL certified and follow IMO and STCW regulations.

Virtual Marine creates performance simulation and learning, to help the defence and coast guard markets prepare and be ready.

We are a trusted company which works hard to understand the exact needs of the industry to ensure that a high degree of operational preparedness is maintained. We specialize in producing simulation for offshore evacuations, high-speed navigation, and operations in ice-covered waters.

Virtual Marine follows these regulations