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Our purpose is to provide high-fidelity simulation environments to stimulate complex bridge navigation equipment including RADAR, ECDIS, and sensors. Working with industry experts in marine navigation and sensor equipment, we provide simulation systems that can be integrated into bridge equipment as an embedded training and test system. We have combined our experience in navigation equipment, simulation, and training to produce high impact simulations for Navy and Coast Guard applications.


Working with subject matter experts and equipment manufacturers, including Raytheon Anschütz, Virtual Marine has developed expert knowledge of navigation equipment and sensors, and embedded it into our simulator architecture. The result is a high-fidelity simulation environment that emulates real equipment behavior. Accurate models of specialized OEM equipment, including RADAR, provide a simulation environment that can be used for a number of applications including equipment performance testing, systems integration, type approval testing, and training.

OUR Goal

Virtual Marine has shaped a development team with specialized knowledge and experience in modeling marine equipment. We work closely with OEM’s and experts to integrate complex RADAR and sensor models which are used for integration testing and training. Our in-depth knowledge of these systems allows us to create systems that are fit for purpose and designed to provide high-value training experiences.