Our Fast Rescue Boat (FRB) Simulator is custom designed to match boat helm and navigation controls, real vessel hardware, and validated scenarios which simulate real missions.

Our simulation scenarios incorporate time of day and weather conditions to test operators’ navigation and pilotage skills. They also offer graduated levels of complexity across a range of SAR, security and interdiction missions. Virtual Marine’s FRB Simulator reduces the cost of boat usage and training coordination, which facilitates and quickens competency development.

The FRB simulator offers a realistic way to execute safe and repeatable training for a fast and potentially dangerous craft. It allows operators to develop positive boat handling skills before on-the-water operations.

Custom Designed Simulator
Shell RTCC

Shell Robert Training and Conference Centre, Louisiana, USA

We can't say enough about the level of superb customer support. We have had no hardware failures. 

Their staff are top notch and know their industry as well as ours. They easily programmed our scenarios as they knew what we were asking for -- this minimized the typical iterations often experienced with simulator/VR designers and user SMEs, saving us staff time, and thus, money.


-Paul Mendel, Shell RTCC